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3 pack sponge Sale price$35.00 Regular price$42.00
All About Eyes Brush SetAll About Eyes Brush Set
All About Eyes Brush Set Sale price$60.00
All-Over Powder Brush (F11)All-Over Powder Brush (F11)
Angle Liner Brush (E13)Angle Liner Brush (E13)
Angle Liner Brush (E13) Sale price$7.00
Brush Belt - Glambyhoda-899Brush Belt - Glambyhoda-899
Brush Belt Sale price$15.99
Brush Cleansing BowlBrush Cleansing Bowl
Brush Cleansing Bowl Sale price$6.99
Carving Brush (E1)Carving Brush (E1)
Carving Brush (E1) Sale price$7.00
Color Wheel EnamelColor Wheel Enamel - Glambyhoda-899
Color Wheel Enamel Sale price$9.99
Concealer Brush (F3)Concealer Brush (F3)
Concealer Brush (F3) Sale price$10.99
Cream Blush Brush (F4)Cream Blush Brush (F4)
Cream Blush Brush (F4) Sale price$16.99
Cream Foundation Brush (F2)Cream Foundation Brush (F2)
Crescent Contour Brush (F5)Crescent Contour Brush (F5)
Cut Crease Brush (E10)Cut Crease Brush (E10)
Cut Crease Brush (E10) Sale price$7.00
Eyebrow Brush (B1)Eyebrow Brush (B1)
Eyebrow Brush (B1) Sale price$7.00
Face & Body Powder PuffsFace & Body Powder Puffs
Face & Body Powder Puffs Sale price$14.99
Glam By Hoda Gift Card Sale priceFrom $25.00
Graphic Liner Brush (E12)Graphic Liner Brush (E12)
Jumbo Blending Brush (E2)Jumbo Blending Brush (E2)
Jumbo Packing Brush (E7)Jumbo Packing Brush (E7)
Jumbo Packing Brush (E7) Sale price$8.00
Large Blending Brush (E3)Large Blending Brush (E3)
Large Crease Brush (E6)Large Crease Brush (E6)
Large Crease Brush (E6) Sale price$7.00
Large Powder Brush (F6)Large Powder Brush (F6)
Large Powder Brush (F6) Sale price$18.99
Lip Brush (L1)Lip Brush (L1)
Lip Brush (L1) Sale price$6.00
Makeup Removing PadsMakeup Removing Pads
Makeup Removing Pads Sale price$13.99
Medium Packing Brush (E8)Medium Packing Brush (E8)
Pencil Brush (E5)Pencil Brush (E5)
Pencil Brush (E5) Sale price$6.00
Powder Blush Brush (F8)Powder Blush Brush (F8)
Powder Blush Brush (F8) Sale price$18.99
Pro Container
Pro Container Sale price$5.00
Pro Powder PuffsPro Powder Puffs
Pro Powder Puffs Sale price$14.99
Shade & Sculpt Brush SetShade & Sculpt Brush Set
Shade & Sculpt Brush Set Sale price$79.99
Shade & Sculpt SpongeShade & Sculpt Sponge - Glambyhoda-899
Shade & Sculpt Sponge Sale price$12.99
Small Baking Brush (F7)Small Baking Brush (F7)
Small Baking Brush (F7) Sale price$14.99
Small Blending Brush (E4)Small Blending Brush (E4)
Small Fan Brush (E11)Small Fan Brush (E11)
Small Fan Brush (E11) Sale price$8.00
Small Lid Brush (E9)Small Lid Brush (E9)
Small Lid Brush (E9) Sale price$7.00
The Artist Pro Sponge - Glambyhoda-899The Artist Pro Sponge - Glambyhoda-899
The Artist Pro Sponge Sale price$12.99
The Basic B Brush SetThe Basic B Brush Set
The Basic B Brush Set Sale price$119.99
The Basic B SpongeThe Basic B Sponge
The Basic B Sponge Sale price$12.99
The Pro Artist Brush SetThe Pro Artist Brush Set
The Pro Artist Brush Set Sale price$199.99
The Pro Case - Glambyhoda-899The Pro Case - Glambyhoda-899
The Pro Case Sale price$265.00
The Travel CaseThe Travel Case
The Travel Case Sale price$165.00
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“Artist On The Go” Case Bundle“Artist On The Go” Case Bundle
“Artist On The Go” Case Bundle Sale price$340.00 Regular price$425.00