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The GBH Pro Makeup Artist Program

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Our program offers an array of exciting benefits, including early access to our latest products, exclusive discounts on our entire range, and invites to Pro-only events where you can connect with fellow pro artists. Whether you're crafting the next beauty trend or perfecting classic looks, our program is for you. Join us in this exclusive community and take your professional journey to the next level.

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Approved Makeup Artists receive 25% off every order on on our website.

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MUA Testimonial

I love working with Hoda because she empowers me to be the best version of myself! Hoda has been an inspiration to me since the day I met her and has always encouraged me to believe in myself. She is passionate in what she does and it definitely shows through her hard work and dedication to help others. I love working with her because she is an amazing leader and teacher!


MUA Testimonial

Hoda has developed incredible products that I am proud to use when working with clients. Each one of her brushes are uniquely designed to get the perfect effect I am trying to achieve. Really, no other brushes compare. And the bag! Her make-up bag is amazing!
I feel honored that I get to work alongside Hoda, as I learn how to succeed in this industry.


MUA Testimonial

The products are top tier. i love how incredible soft they are so they literally do all the work for you. the blend out any product so effortlessly.

As an experienced makeup artist, her brush are comparable and i would say even better than most brush brand out there. i have sephora, morphe, IT cosmetics makeup tools and they are simply not as soft as GBH which is extremely important when it comes to blending on a time crunch. GBH tools make my job easy!!


MUA Testimonial

As a pro and someone who has worked side-by- side with many different makeup artists, I can truly say that I appreciate Hoda as a mentor on so many different levels. She is exceedingly professional, artistic, welcoming , motivating and creative. I have been to multiple events where Hodie has done the bride/bridal party’s makeup and it has stayed on and fresh all night! She is an all star in my eyes and I highly recommend and utilize all of her services!


MUA Testimonial

I’m literally obsessed with these face brushes and blender!!these brushes have completely changed my routine and I have gotten so many compliments from people telling me my makeup looks flawless and what I’m doing differently and it’s literally these brushes. Hoda really outdid herself with these products 🤭💕


MUA Testimonial

I love how nurturing Hoda is. She Always checks in on others and giving advice and motivating others .She is very caring and really intelligent and always has great new ideas. I love how soft the brushes are and I love how seamlessly everything blends! A lot of my past beauty blenders have ripped (like a little cut) whereas the GBH ones haven’t! Overall I was genuinely really impressed with the quality of the products and will be going back for the eye brushes.


MUA Testimonial

Working alongside of Hoda has been such a blessing to me in so many ways! Where do I even start?! First, her skillset is unmatched. She has so many years of experience in the makeup and hair industry, and it shows! Her confidence in what she does is contagious and inspiring. I've had the opportunity to utilize her brush line and I cannot express how much of an absolute game-changer it has been in my own craft! Her brushes are well thought out and any artists dream! Don't even get me started on those sponges. They feel like memory foam! I find myself using less product when using her sponges. So don't forget to add some sponges to your cart! And just to top it all off, Hoda's personality is so beautiful. She does everything with passion behind it. She is just such a breath of fresh air and someone this industry definitely needs!

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